This is your gallery where members can place photos of their own days in the RVR, find photos of mates and colleagues and the many special occasions and events in which the RVR has been involved.

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Want to be part of the Regiment's history and have some photos you can share with us?  We need material to build the gallery. Mail your photos to the Association Secretary. Please include details of each photo if known. If you would like photos returned after they have been scanned please include a stamped, addressed envelope. You can also send them via email to rvrassoc@hotmail.com  The Association will retain a copy of all material submitted for historical purposes. Also please make it clear if there are any photos that you would not want to have placed in the gallery. If you can add information or names and dates to the existing photos in the RVR Gallery send the info to the association so we can update the captions.

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1RVR "The Begining" - 1960

1st Platoon 1RVR under the command of Lt. David Blanksby (front far right) and WO2 Mitchell. This platoon was set up especially to be used as a training section for other platoons. Don Blanksby went on to be CO of 1RVR from 1 July 1981 to 16 August 1982. If you know others in the photo please contact the Association.