In Memoriam

Soldiers gather, to drink and chatter

about things that matter.

Of mates who lived short years ago, who loved and laughed, their hearts aglow.

Yet now who in death do rest, at what we the living take for granted each day.

And as evening falls we'll make a vow,

that in the morn our heads to bow,

in their fond memory - then and now.


Private Gregory Michael Sher

Killed in Action, Afghanistan

4th January 2009

5/6 RVR - 2 Commando Coy​

Lieutenant Marcus Case

Killed in Action, Afghanistan

30 May 2011

5/6 RVR - 2 Commando Coy - 6th Aviation Regiment

Brian (Sandy) SANDERSON.png

Brian (Sandy) Sanderson   

10 July 1943  -  18 May 2019   

Don Blanksby.jpg

Lieutenant Colonel Donald Charles Blanksby RFD ED ADM (Retd)

24 March 1940 – 15 February 2019

William "Bill" Casey - 3436846

Passed away 14 May 2015


Bob Grieg.png

Captain Robert (Bob) Greig


Passed away 18 May 2017

1 RVR - 5/6 RVR

31932 WO1 Ian McPherson ROBERTSON

Passed away 24 February 2014


Sergeant Warren JANSON

Passed away 31 May 2011

(Result of car accident)

1 RVR - 5/6 RVR - 2 Commando Coy

Lieutenant Ian Miles

Passed away 2014


Brigadier William Harold "Mac" Grant


Passed away 10 June 2013

Peter Couttie

Passed away 25 October 2014

VSR, 1 RVR (Pentropic) and the AATTV

Tony Moore.jpg

Captain Anthony John (Tony) Moore

8 February 1960 - 4 October 2019

1 RAR, 2/4 RAR, School of Infantry, 5/6 RVR

Lieutenant Colonel G.M.R. (Bill) Kirkham



Lt Col Peter Nattrass CO 22 RVR 1971 - 73.jpg

Colonel Peter Nattrass ED

Passed away August 2016

22 RVR - MUR

Edgar Charles Hawkes.png

Edgar Charles Hawkes

1 April 1935  - 12 September 2017

5/6 RVR

Bob Creelman.jpg

WO2 Robert James ‘Bob’ Creelman


4 June 1950 - 3 December 2020

4RAR, 2 RVR, 8/7 RVR & 3 TRG GP

Mack James.jpg

Lieutenant Colonel Mack James (Jim)

24 August 1937 - 11 March 2021.

38 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 10th Medium Regiment, 2 RVR, 5 RAR, 3 Trg. Grp

Lieutenant Colonel Barrington George William Ingram  AM RFD ED
1932 - 2021

5 VSR, HQ 4 Brigade, 1 RVR, 5 RVR, HQ 4 Task Force, Command and Staff Training Unit, Officer Training Group, 2 RVR, HQ 3 Trg Grp
Brigadier Wayne Lawrence Dunbar.jpg

Brigadier Wayne Lawrence Dunbar


Passed away 18 February 2019


8258935 Lance Corporal Chris D Giang

23 July 1964 - 8 March 2018


Miguel Angel (Michael) Ferreyra

5 June 1958 - 2 September 2017

A Coy 1 RVR - 5/6 RVR

3171634 Major Leslie James Tranter


11 March 1943 - 20 June 2015

VSR - 2 RVR - 5 RVR - 1 RAR - 2 RTB - 3 TRG GRP

Brigadier Bill Hocking

Nov 1936 - 6 Dec 2016

2 Commando Coy - 1 RVR - 4 Brigade

Chaplain Max Smith 

Passed away October 2011

Formerly Padre of 5/6 RVR 

Major Neil Bextream


15 January 1940 - 5 April 2012

58/32 Btn - 1 RVR - 3 OCTU - 16 RWAR

1999 Lt Col Noel Danne CO 22 RVR 1974-75.JPG

Lieutenant Colonel Noel J. Danne


Passed away 30 April 2013

6 RMR - 1 RVR - 6 RVR - 22 RVR - MONUR

Wayne McGregor.png

Wayne McGregor

Passed away 7 September 2014

RAR, 1 RVR, 5/6 RVR

1971 02 28 Lt Col Darrel Strickland Offrs Mess 22 RVR (Lt Colin Paterson at rear).JPG

Lieutenant Colonel Darrell Strickland

Passed away 24 September 2016

22 RVR

John Victor Connard

VX87167 (V55069)

Passed away January 2014


Kevin Carey
Passed away on 2 January 2015


Philip Edward Shanahan.jpg

Philip Edward Shanahan
22 September 1949 – 2 October 2020


John Coull.png

John Coull

Passed away 7th May 2021.

2 RVR, 8/7 RVR

Peter Smith.jpg

WO1 Peter Smith

Passed April 2021

1 RTB , Infantry Centre, 8 RAR, 8/9 RAR, 10 IRC, Inf Centre, 3 Trg Grp,    2 RVR, LWC, HQ 1 DIV. 1 Trg. Grp.

Corporal Kevin Lea Morris.png
Corporal Kevin Lea Morris


1953 - 2021

B Coy 5 RVR - 2 COMMANDO Coy - B Coy 1 RVR

SSGT Clive Usher

Passed away 4 July 2020 



Clive served as a National Serviceman (Rifleman) in Vietnam, from February to October, 1971, with 3 RAR. He went on to render Reserve Service over many years - all with 1 RVR.


Clive had battled with cancer for quite some time, and I visited him when he was in Bendigo for treatment recently.

As the CQMS Bravo COY, Clive was well known for his wicked sense of humour and cheeky grin.


He was a senior office bearer in 'Carry On' - an organisation looking after housing for veterans, and also held many positions within the Rochester RSL, including the presidency. Stand Down, Staff - your many duties have been nobly done, digger.

Colonel Geoffrey Swan, OAM  MBE  ED

Passed away 20 May 2013 



A pre-WWII militiaman Colonel Geoff Swan served in the Pacific Islands during WWII. He was CO of the 6th Battalion Royal Melbourne Regiment from 1956 to 1960 and CO 2nd Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (Pentropic) from 1963 to 1965. He was also a very active Legatee during his retirement.



Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Dower, ED

Passed away after a long illness 7 October 2013 

2RVR - 8/7RVR

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Dower was commissioned into the 8th/7th Battalion (North Western Victoria Regiment) in 1954. Kevin underwent National Service training in 1952. He was posted to 2nd Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (Pentropic) in 1960. He occupied a range of regimental postings until promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was posted as Commanding Officer of 2RVR during the period 1968 to 1970.

Colonel Keith Hatfield

Passed away 8 November 2013

2RVR (Pentropic)


An extraordinary record of service over many decades. In World War II Keith served in New Guinea as a platoon commander and transferred to the British Army for service in Burma as a company commander. He later served in Malaya with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australia Regiment (3RAR). He served in the Korean conflict as a captain with 3RAR were he was attached to the 5th United States Air Force (USAF), 6148 TCS based at Chunchon, Korea. (Photo) His flying duties were target identification and interdiction missions. In May 1953, while serving with the 6148 TC Squadron, 5th USAF, Keith was awarded the US Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and the US Air Medal.


Kieth's 2 RVR service. During the 1960's he served with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (Pentropic) 2RVR. During this time he served as the XO. After retirement from the ARA he had a leading role in general aviation, particularly at the Berwick air field. He is survived by his wife Elsa and three children.



362165 Lieutenant Robert George PHILLPOT, PhD

Passed away 2 January 2014

1RVR - 2 Commando Coy


Robert passed OCTU training with the rank of 1st Lieutenant and was posted to B Coy 1 RVR Hawthorn Depot in 1978. After a number of years as commander of a Rifle Platoon he transferred to 2 Commando Coy from 1980-1983. He died suddenly at the age of 56 while teaching in the Peoples Republic of China.


Doug Mulder

Passed away 25 October 2014



Born in 1935 Doug passed away after a prolonged illness. Doug was a National Serviceman during the 1950's and re-joined the CMF in 1965 and completed the Southern Command  OTS Course 2/1965. On graduation he was posted to 1RVR as a Platoon Commander at A Company, Footscray. While his civilian career restricted his military activities he continued to maintain a close interest in military affairs and the Army Reserve in particular. Just before he had a number of debilitating strokes a few years ago he donated his sword to 5/6RVR to be known as the COs Sword. He is survived by his wife Ann who had been at his side constantly over the past few years. His funeral was held on October 30th at the Le Pine Chapel in Eltham.


Michael Vincent

Passed away 11 September 2014


Michael passed away peacefully after a prolonged illness.Michael was married to Leonie, and father of Meghan and Caitlyn and father-in-law of Dan and Zaynoun. The Service celebrating his life was held at the Blair Chapel, Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Princes Hwy, Springvale on Wednesday 17 September 2014.


Joanne Robertson   ( nee Fulton )

Passed away 24th January 2015



The RVR Association regrets to advise that Joanne Robertson passed away after a long battle with cancer. Joanne was the Regiment enlistment clerk in the 70/80s , joining the Transport Platoon for bivouacs and camps. Joanne was married to Staff Sergeant Douglas Robertson BEM who was the Transport Supervisor at the time. She is survived by Doug and two daughters and a son, and 6 grandchildren. The funeral for Joanne took place at 1400hr on Friday the 30th January,2015 at the Uniting Church Camperdown.


RIP Joanne.

Lt Colonel Terry Blackwell RFD

Passed away 24th March 2016

3 WRAAC - 3 RAAPC - OCTU - 22 Construction Squadron


Terry was diagnosed with cancer a little over twelve months ago and lost her valiant fight in the company of her family. Terry joined the CMF at 3 WRAAC Company Kew and was a participant in the first co-ed camp at Site 6 Puckapunyal in 1969 with the rank of sergeant.  She was commissioned in July 1969 and was posted to the training cell at 3 WRAAC and was later posted to the training cell at 3 RAAPC. Terry subsequently served at OCTU as an instructor, as a captain, and subsequently at 22 Construction Sqn RAE with the rank of major.

Terry was OC of the Cash Office at K89. She went on to be the first female CO of 3 RAAPC following promotion to LTCOL, and coincidentally, the last CO of 3 RAAPC which was disbanded when AFSU was raised. Following disbandment of 3 RAAPC, Terry was posted to Defence Force Recruiting at Defence Plaza. Terry is survived by husband David, and two daughters. A funeral mass was held at the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories, Camberwell, at on 1 April 2016.


Kevin Bowe

Passed away 17 April 2016



Kevin was one of the battalion band members. He always supported the association in all of our activities over the years and will be missed by us all. His funeral was held at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery on Friday April 29 at 2.15 pm.


Lieutenant T.A.R. (Roy) Waldon

Passed away August 2016



Sadly I inform you of the passing of Roy Waldon. Roy passed away on Saturday night at Dandenong Hospital where he had been in care for the past few  months. He was under 24 hour care and in deteriorating health for a couple of years. Roy served in the 5th Bn RVR and 2 Commando Coy, where he was commissioned, and returned to 5 RVR after his term at 2 Commando. Roys funeral was on the 15 August 2016 at St James Anglican Church 53 Langhorne St Dandenong

Colonel Jim Wood

Passed away 1 July 2017

1 Commando Company - MUR - 5 RVR - 1 RVR - Command and Staff College


It is with great sadness that we advise of the passing on Friday of COL Jim Wood. Jim was a fine officer and gentleman, a friend and mentor to many of us, and a great supporter of the Regiment and MURA. Our thoughts are with his wife Colleen and family. His funeral was held  on Friday 7th July at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

John Hanlon wrote:- A sad message forwarded for your information. I recall working with Jim during the Big Desert camp in the early 70s. He was 2IC then and had the admin sorted to a T.


Jim was 2IC of 1RVR,  during the Big Desert camp in the early  to mid ‘70’s. 

Over the period 1967-1984, he held a range of civilian appointments with the Departments of Defence and Foreign Affairs, with postings in Canberra, Melbourne, Jakarta (Embassy, 3rd/Sec 2nd, Political), Hong Kong (HQ British Forces) and Tokyo (Embassy, Counsellor, Political). He then settled in Melbourne and completed further post-graduate studies. Dr. Wood returned to secondary teaching in 1988 and retired in 2010 as Head of English at Fairhills High School.  Since retirement, he had continued his research and writing on Australia’s military history and on behalf of those Australians who served in the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF).


He spent thirty seven years as a citizen soldier, enlisting in 1956 in 1 Commando Company in Sydney, qualifying for the Green Beret, as a parachutist and other specialist courses and was commissioned in 1961. As the first Army Reserve Officer to be awarded a Defence Fellowship, he spent a year on full time duty during which time he visited the US and Europe (UK, Sweden, West Germany) and produced a major study on Mobilisation An outline record of its origin and development in respect of Land Forces.


During his final army appointment, 1990-92, as Colonel Project Officer, Command and Staff College, Queenscliff,  he updated his studies of mobilization in the light of the Gulf War in a volume ‘Case Studies in Army Mobilization’; his lectures to the College on ‘Mobilization, the Benefits of Experience’ and ‘Mobilization: The Gulf War in Prospect’, were published as SDSC Working Papers. Jim was a fine officer and gentleman, a friend and mentor to many, and a great supporter of the Regiment and MURA. His funeral was held on Friday 7th July at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

Thanks to Military History and Heritage Victoria

WO2 Helmet "Max" Steininger

Passed away 6 December 2017


Max joined the CMF in 1966 and attended his recruit training at an annual field exercise held at the old Ballarat airfield that year. He then served for a long time in B Coy 5 RVR and attained the rank of Sergeant in the battalion. Max was a strong supporter of the Sgts Mess and a valued and loyal member of the battalion. He was well respected by his peers, officers and soldiers who had the fortune to serve with him. Max was eventually posted to 4BDE HQ and maintained the HQ Q store for a number of years before retiring with the rank of Warrant Officer Class Two, which gained whilst in the 4 BDE posting. 

Max also gave of his time each ANZAC Day for several years as a marshal where he successfully administered a number of information stands within the assembly area. Max suffered a short illness with cancer which was diagnosed recently. Typically, Max did not make an issue of his problem and it was not until a couple of months ago his friends found put how serious the problem was.  Max made the decision on 3 December with his family that he would not accept further treatment. He was a great friend and made friends easily. Those who knew him will remember the good times. He will be sadly missed  Rest-in-Peace.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young​
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow​
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted​
They fell with their faces to the foe


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old​
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn


At the going down of the sun and in the morning


We will remember them

Lest We Forget